OK, I hope you are ready for me. The Big Dog is fired up today after reading a story in the paper. I hope you are ready for Illegal immigrants to become eligible to get their driver's licenses in the State of Illinois. If it happens, Illinois would become the third state to do so joining Washington and New Mexico.

In an article in the Washington Post and written by Stephen Dinan, two top Illinois state officials plan to push this legislation through during next week's session in Springfield, Illinois. State Senate President John Cullerton will try to pass this bill through during the session and already has the backing of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn if the bill gets to his desk.  Both men are Democrats. It has also gotten the support of Democratic Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel as well.

This bill, if it passes, will indicate a willingness to remove tighter sanctions for illegals that went into effect after the September 11th terrorist attacks on our country.  The commission that investigated those attacks made the recommendation for stricter driver's license requirements.

Apparently, some people have short memories. When the next car bomb goes off in Illinois remember who thought this was a good idea.