This is a story about a dog. A dog that will touch your heart.

I saw this story on the television show 'Inside Edition.' I was at home for lunch and I sat down to eat and on came this story about a man holding on to a dog in the water. I didn't have the volume up so I thought he was saving the dog from the water. My interest was peaked.

I turned up the volume and it was a story about a 17  year old shepard mix suffering from ailments that come with old age in a dog. It is a struggle for the dog to walk. So the owner of the dog carries him into the water everyday. According to the story, the buoyancy of the water makes the old dog feel young again.

'Inside Edition' shot video of the man and his beloved dog just floating in the water. That's what got to me. How beautiful it was to watch the man cradle his best friend in his arms while the dog and his best friend were  just floating, not thinking about the pain. Just a man treasuring what time he has left with his best friend. And the dog was so content.

Yes, it did bring a tear to my eye. Still does when I think about it. Tonight, I will spend extra time with my older four legged friend.