I was listening to the radio the other day and the Queen song "Bicycle" came on.

Oli Scarff, Getty Images

It is a great song. So I went out to my shed and looked at our bicycles. They are not looking good. Need some work done on them. So, I made a promise to myself that I will get them out of the shed and clean them up. And all of that kind of made me think about my bikes I had when I was growing up in Pittsfield, Ill.

I had a few bike's around back then and one was called a Banana Bike, because the seat looked like a banana. I think it was a Schwinn bike. I loved that bike. Bought it in Pittsfield. Thank you, Mom and Dad. My friends and I would be gone for hours riding our bikes to the swimming pool or going to Little League games.

So if you want some fun, even if your over 40, do as Freddie Mercury said....GET ON YOUR BIKE AND RIDE. You will not regret it.