We had a charity softball game yesterday with local celebs having fun.

Simon Watts, Getty Images

I, for some reason,  was picked to be the pitcher for our team. Now this was slow pitch softball so I thought, "I will just underhand the ball to the enemy team and everything will be fine."

And did I mention that it was coed softball? You know, the guys will try and homer everything out of the ball park and the ladies will keep the ball in the infield.

What I did not even think about was me. I thought I could just go out there and play ball like I have always done in years past. Wrong. After my first at bat, I got what I thought was a hit to the third base side. So here I go running down the base line to first base and I felt something in the back of my leg just pop. The ball made it to first base long before I did as I limped my way down there. OK, I said to myself. It is just a hamstring telling me to slow down. I can do this. That was my left hamstring. Then the next rime I got up to bat (yes I'm still playing), I said I will hit the ball but just do a slow run down to first base. Well I tried that and the next thing I knew I had two hamstring pulls.

I am a little sore today.