So I was watching the news the other day and they did a story about how people are looting the property of the homes affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. The same is happening in Florida. People were walking out thru the water and rain carrying big screen TVs among other things. These people are the lowest of all lowlifes in my estimation.

To pilfer thru other’s property with the intent to steal under catastrophic circumstances is despicable and the penalties need to be harsh for those convicted.

Can you imagine what life is like now for people dealing with a devastating hurricane, having suffered a great loss for one and to come home to find out your possessions have been stolen while you were gone?

There is no way I can fathom what these people experienced, but I can imagine their anger. I can only hope that any looter caught in the act should experience the same amount of pain and suffer it for a long, long time….. And that’s the way I see it.