If you have been driving down Maine or 24th Streets in Quincy, you can't help seeing all the American flags in the yards. It happens every year around the 4th of July. American flags are placed on properties along several Quincy city streets. If you were curious as to who was responsible, here is your answer.

A year ago I turned from The Big Dog into a "snoop dog" and found out that the flags are placed in various locations by Carol Rischar of  Davis & Frese Realtors in Quincy. The idea came from owners Don and Paula Frese who, while visiting their daughter in Minnesota, saw the flags being displayed there by a Minnesota realtor. They brought the idea to Quincy years ago, and it is still going strong.

Each year Carol with assistance from friends displays some 300 flags on South 24th Street and Maine Streets in Quincy.  She started doing so while her son was in the service serving in Afghanistan. Other brokers handle other areas. All of them do it to show their patriotism for America.

Not only are our hats off when we see the flag flying, but hats off also to the patriots involved with displaying them in our very patriotic city.