We have just wrapped up another Presidential campaign and we are all awaiting the result of it. What we have gone through were truths and untruths, ruthless attacks and basically an overkill of political theories. It goes on way too long.

I am proposing that the 2016 Presidential campaign be shortened to just 90 days.

Election day in 2016 will be on November 1st so the official campaigns could not start until August 1, 2016. If you, as an American voter, can't figure out who to vote for after a 90 period of time, perhaps you shouldn't vote. For the rest of Americans, 90 days should be more than enough time to make up your mind. There is no need to beat this political horse to death as we have just seen.

How many ads does it take for candidate A to slam candidate B followed by candidate B slamming candidate A before enough is enough?