With over half of today's marriages ending up in divorce it would be safe to assume that half of you who read this will find this amusing. The other half, perhaps interesting.  I was reading where a Dutch entrepreneur by the name of Jim Halfens is the brainchild behind a new idea call "The Divorce Hotel."

Basically, it is a quick divorce featuring a hotel package for couples who check in married and check out single. They spend the weekend in the hotel with a mediator and other professionals, as needed, to have their marriage dissolved. Halfrens says he believes in marriage but if it is not working then it should be easy to call it quits.

Since 2011, 22 couples in Holland have gone through the "Hotel Splitsville" to end their relationship with each other. Halfrens says the cost about $3000 and he also is trying to establish the idea around the world including the United States. Plus, there is interest in a reality TV show based upon this concept. That should be interesting.

Wow, usually its a hotel that causes a divorce and not a facility to expedite one.