Since the beginning of television, game shows have been popular with viewers but one of the most popular was Hollywood Squares. Today marks the 46th anniversary of the debut of the show which started on CBS in black and white before moving to color the next year. For those who don't know, the show was basically a tic-tac-toe concept with celebrities seated in the nine cubicles all waiting for a question to be asked of them.  The contestant had to decide if the celebrity's answer was correct or not to get that particular square .  You played until you got either three x's or o's across, down or diagonally which would make you a winner.

The show featured celebrities like Charlie Weaver, Wally Cox,Rose Marie, Morey Amsterdam, and my favorite, Paul Lynde.  Dennis Oliver and I were talking this morning on the morning show about how they got away with some of the answers that came up with. The innuendos were strewn throughout the show. You always knew Paul Lynde would be in the middle of things and he was seated in the middle square. His answers would have you crying at home watching the show.

All these people were great, but it was the host of the show that made it all happen.  That host was Peter Marshall. It all started on this date, October 17th , 1966.  Dennis and I were talking about other game shows but for my money The Hollywood Squares show was the best.

What show do you think was the best game show on TV?