It appears the plan to change the third nine holes at Westview Golf Course in Quincy has run into a stone wall.  During a 90 minute open to the public meeting, 19 members of the public took the opportunity to speak and the ideas of Westview Golf Pro Matt Burry to make the changes were not supported by a majority there.  

The ideas included changing the holes on the third nine at Westview to five par 3 holes and four par 4 holes.  The plan also included a driving range and a practice area as well.  With the obvious lack of support for the idea, I am assuming the Quincy Park Board will not pursue it any further.

One idea I thought  had merit and that was the driving range idea. I have thought about this one for a while and why not come up with a driving range screen right off of the first tee box.  I would think golfers would like to hit a few balls before their first tee shot of the day.

So for a fee of $2 or $3, a golfer could purchase 10 golf balls to hit into a screen which would make them easy to gather for the Westview workers and would raise some additional revenue.  The screen could also be used for golf lessons as well which is another revenue maker for the Park District at Westview.  Just a thought the the Quincy Park District can run with.

If they use my idea, I expect my first ten golf balls to be free.  Just kidding, I'll pay for them.