I know you are all waiting to hear from me today regarding the collapse of my beloved New York Yankees. Yogi Berra said "it ain't over 'til it's over". Well, it's over. He also said "It's gettin' late early". Well it's past late. For those who think I am heading into depression, "forgetaboutit".

It's only a game, a game and a team I love.  I could be hunkered down in a foxhole dodging bullets in Afghanistan. So for the Cardinal, Tiger, and Giant fans remaining, keep that in perspective.  Whatever happens with your team remember it's only a game. With that said, go Cardinals. Hopefully, they will make it to the World Series again.  Too bad you won't be playing my Yankees in the Series if you get that far.

For those who have and will continue to "take shots" at my beloved Yankees and at me, I'll keep reminding them there are worse "shots" being taken and worse things than losing a baseball game, even in  the World Series.