So I opened my Quincy Herald Whig yesterday and there it was,  the headline I had expected which read "Senate OK's immigrant licenses".  Was I surprised?  No, not at all. Am I disappointed?  You bet I am. I'm also mad and mad enough to open my window and yell out the infamous line "I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it any more".

The problem is those who might hear me won't yell back.  What a shame. You should be yelling out your windows too! How can we basically just say here's a license to drive even if you are not a citizen of our country?

If you read the article, there were comments about how this would reduce the amount of uninsured motorists on Illinois' highways. But if you read on you will see the real reason this bill passed the Senate.  It's a comment from former Republican Governor Jim Edgar that said it all. Edgar said that the measure is a sound opportunity for the GOP to reach out to Latino voters who played a large role in the shellacking the Republicans took in the General Assembly in the November 6th election.

So let me see! Let's legitimize illegals being on American soil and give them a driver's license just so we can get their vote in the next election. Plus, if they are illegally here, how are they getting to vote anyway?

Oh man, my blood is boiling more now than ever. Speaking of blood, those who shed theirs to make our country what it once was (notice I didn't say is) have got to be rolling over in their graves and I wouldn't blame them. They gave their life for this? How sad!