The 2018 Major League Baseball season begins today with millions of Americans and Canadians heading through the turnstiles into their favorite ballparks this year.

Opening day always had special memories for me because for a long time I would take my dad to see opening day as his birthday present. I miss those days and wish I could go pick him up and head off to the ball park. He passed away years ago, but the best part are those memories that will always be with me.

With that said, here are my predictions for 2018.  In the National League East, I am picking the Washington Nationals to win the division. In the National League Central, I am going with the Milwaukee Brewers. The winner of the National League West will be the Los Angeles Dodgers.  My picks for wildcards will be the Colorado Rockies and the Chicago Cubs. The winner of the National League title will be the Nationals.

In the American League, I am picking the New York Yankees to win the East with the Cleveland Indians winning the Central and the Houston Astros winning the West. The wildcards teams will be the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Angels. The American League title winner will be the Yankees.

The World Series winner will be the Yankees. Before you start laughing at my picks and calling me a “homer” for picking the Yankees, wait for the conclusion of the season and then let me have it.

Regardless of my picks, I am just glad that it is finally time to say "Play Ball" and I can’t wait!  Baseball, what a great game!