I was reading the Sunday Quincy Herald Whig a couple of weeks ago and in the Parade Magazine there was a question of "Could You Ace the SAT?"  The small article stated that there was a site to go on line and try my hand at 10 SAT questions. I am one to never miss an opportunity to see how I would do, so I headed to that site.

There they were ten SAT questions waiting for my answers. I rolled up my sleeves and went at it. I feared the worst before starting because I hadn't taken a test like this in God knows how many years. My fears subsided after I actually got the first two of the ten questions correct. Then came question number three.

I debated between two of the five answers listed. I chose the wrong one with my other choice being the correct answer. So on to number 4 I went somewhat disappointed that my correct answer streak had ended at two.

I aced number 4 and then aced number 5, and 6, and 7, and 8, and 9 and finished with a correct answer for number 10, as well. Here I was worried I would really do poorly on this test and I managed to score a 90 on it. Had I not wavered on my answer on number 3, I would have aced the entire ten question examination.

Feeling quite smug, my next move is to call Alex Trebek and get on Jeopardy. I challenge you, especially those who haven't taken the SAT test for years, to try your hand at it.  You might surprise yourself like I did. The site for the test is www.parade.com/sat.  Good luck!