I'm looking at the Press-News Journal newspaper and I can't believe what I see!

John Sadovy

In the Backward Glances part of the paper, they have an article and a picture about the LaGrange, Missouri street fair. In the picture, you see many people gathering around at what looks like an elephant. Not just any elephant, but an elephant on a tightrope, walking high in the air over the main street in LaGrange!

According to the text under the picture, this is from the early 1900's. I have seen elephants in a circus underneath the BigTop do some great things, but never have I seen an elephant walk across a busy street, high in the air, on a tightrope.

If you get the newspaper, look it up. It is from Thursday's April 11, 2013 issue, page 4A. I had to check my iced tea to make sure I was not drinking anything else.