With Memorial Day weekend in Quincy comes the 22nd Annual Gus Macker Basketball Tournament sponsored by the Quincy Exchange Club.  Thousands of people will be hitting the streets of Quincy with basketballs in hand. The Macker, as it has become known, was brought to Quincy by Exchange Club member, Mike Lavery.  Mike had heard about it and decided to investigate the possibilities of bringing it to Quincy as a fundraiser for the Exchange Club. Twenty two years ago, the Exchange Club said yes and has been handling the event ever since raising thousands of dollars which, in turn, has been spent in the Quincy   community.  To put on such an undertaking means a dedication from the club members to work on their holiday, participation from basketball players of all ages, and soliciting "Gus Busters" or court officials for the two day event.  The latter had been a difficult task but was made a little bit easier last year when the Exchange Club decided to pay the "Busters" for their help. This worked well enough last year that they actually had a waiting list for wanting to be a paid "Buster".  The Exchange Club's Gus Macker Co-Chairman, Mel Dillman, announced that the club will pay it's "Gus Busters" again this year.  All "Busters" will receive a hat, a t-shirt, a whistle, a time clock and $25 for working Saturday.  If you also work Sunday you will receive another $25  plus a bonus of $25 more for working both days. So a total of $75 cash for you efforts. The Exchange Club will also feed all the busters during the two days of work.  If you would like to be a "Gus Buster" for this year's event call 223-1063. Sign up early.  You'll be doing it for the kids, the Quincy Exchange Club, and your community.