OK, it is going on two days since two apparent drive by shootings took place. I wrote about them yesterday and the comments I am getting, as expected, show that people were upset with what happened here in their city and they don't want to see a repeat of it. So,     I write this blog to the person or persons who know exactly what took place and why. What are you waiting for? The next bullets maybe destined for you or some innocent person, or worse yet, a child. Do you want that on your conscience that you could have prevented someone from senselessly getting killed. Pick up the phone and call the Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers Hotline at 228-4474. Tell the cops what you know. You won't have to give up your identity and you could even receive a cash reward for the information you provide.

Sitting back and doing nothing will only leave the door open for another round of gunfire in our city. Do you want that? Nobody does. Whoever opened fire in two separate neighborhoods needs to be caught. Knowing something and not reporting it is just like pulling the next trigger. Make that call and help yourself, your neighbors and your city. Be this city's next hero.