What happens when you Google "Quincy Illinois?" Unsurprisingly, the usual suspects came up on the first couple pages of results: the official site from the city, the chamber of commerce, the convention and visitors bureau, etc. But after digging around a little, there's also some some pretty interesting information to be found:

It turns out that famous Quincians include: the salesman who sold Janet Leigh a car in 'Psycho,' Missouri State Senator Brian Munzilinger, one of the Lone Rangers, and a serial killer. Of course, this is all coming from Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that anyone can edit, so the reliability of the source is questionable.


Have you ever tried researching old newspapers on micro-film? It's pretty time consuming. This resource from the Quincy Public Library allows users to search for content from newspapers published as far back as 1835, through 1919. Pretty neat.


This site allows visitors to find hotels/motels that have pet-friendly policies. Of course, if you live in Quincy, you probably don't need to find lodging, pet-friendly or otherwise. On the other hand, if out-of-town guests are coming, and you don't want to deal with their pets in your home, this could be a handy resource.

You never know what you'll find on the internet, until you find it. These were just a few of 3,080,000 search results Google gave us for "Quincy Illinois."