I have been told by a few people in my life to "go fly a kite". I don't recall ever being happy with hearing that statement until yesterday.  I had the opportunity yesterday to spend some very precious time with my grand kids.  We went to lunch and just had fun with each other with me having the most fun. I did something I hadn't done in years. My 5 year old grandson, Jeremiah, asked me to help him fly his kite and for the first time I was happy to be told to "go fly a kite". I hadn't actually flown a kite in a long time. I talked about it this morning on the  Y101 Morning Show with Dennis Oliver.  Perhaps the last time I flew a kite was from the top of the WCU building with D.O. in a radio promotion we did way back when.  Yesterday's kite flying event brought back so many memories from when I was a kid.  It didn't take long for Jeremiah attention to wane, but I was actually having fun watching it soar into the sky. And then it hit me like a brick. I remembered something my father taught me.  It was a way to send a message up the string to the kite itself.  I took a small piece of paper.  Poked a hole in the middle of it. Cut the side of the paper to the hole and then put the string thru the middle of it . Then I taped the cut portion and just let the paper slide up the string all the way to the top until it reached the kite. Jeremiah watched that paper slide up the string with more interest than actually watching the kite flying. I realized then how precious time is to spend with your kids and grand kids.  It wasn't earth shattering what took place yesterday, but sometime down the road Grandpa Dorsey will be remembered for sending messages to kites.  What better way to be remembered. Take the time people. Take the time before you run out of it.