Where do you wear your rings on your fingers?

Men and women alike wear rings, but did you know that you may be sending the wrong message to the potential partner that you meet, thereby sabotaging what could be a very satisfying love life? This is not an April Fools' joke.

'Ring Shi: Move Your Rings,Change Your Life' is a book written by Barbra A. Berg, an expert on Ring Shui. Yes I know, you are saying "Ring What'?  According to the writer, she can reveal how to tell if a man or woman is likely to be a commitment-phobe or can't keep a job. She can also reveal why thumb and middle finger rings are red flags. Or how the "Queen Bee" finger can help spice up your love life and attract what you really want. And when it comes to rings on your fingers, location is everything.

Who knew? But she has the credentials. She is a communication expert and licensed social worker. Guys, with April Fools' Day fast approaching, I would get the book and read up on your fingers. You might be pointing the wrong finger at the wrong "Queen Bee".

Jason Kempon, Getty Images