Well, life is full of missed opportunities and I may have missed my last shot at doing something I have loved doing since I was 5 years old.  Play baseball.

My chance got washed away last night as the rain pelted the field at Q.U. Stadium prior to the exhibition game between the Quincy Gems and the Military All-Stars. In between rain storms, the Gems honored the military and first responder personnel that were on hand. It was a moving tribute to these remarkable people.

Thanks to the big crowd that came out as well in what started to be 100 degree heat and ended up into the 70's thanks to the storms that went through. So what do you do when the game is cancelled?  You improvise and that's what the Gems management did.  They worked out a home run hitting contest for the fans to enjoy instead.

It was during that contest that my cell phone went off and the station had taken a lightning strike and I had to leave the ball park to go back to the studios.  Once there, I got a call from the Gems press box asking where I was since they were paging me to be a part of the home run hitting contest.  It never fails, when ever I truly get involved with something I love to do, I get called into work.

Needless to say, I was not a happy trooper since I had been looking forward to this day at the ball park for several weeks. Many of my friends were there as well and I felt bad for them as well. Perhaps the lesson here is to leave the phone at home which, unfortunately, I can not do (on call 24-7-365).

In any case, the Gems did a great job in a tough spot.  My bucket list has me playing baseball one more time. Maybe my chance will come again.  I hope I live long enough to do it.