Ever get hungry around the time you go to bed?  You open the refrigerator and there are items to select but nothing stands out and says grab me.  At least you have options to choose.  You just elected not to choose them.  Well, there are people in this area who, through no fault of their own, open their refrigerator and there are no options.

There is nothing in there. For most of us, we have never been there before and we hope we never will.  That doesn't mean we can't help those with "empty"  refrigerators and cupboards.  It's bad enough for those individuals who have to rely on others for food for their family but when the people they go to for help need help themselves it's time for all of us to help. Please make a point to buy a few extra non-perishable items when you go to the store and help people who need it. Another way to help is to help the Quincy Gems and Refreshment Services Pepsi who are helping the Madonna House and the Salvation Army’s food pantries with a “Strike Out Hunger” Night at the Quincy Gems game against Hannibal Tuesday night.  If you bring any 2 non-perishable food items or a donation of a $1 or more you will get in free to see the 6:30 game between the Hannibal Cavemen and the Quincy Gems Tuesday night.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Going to bed hungry because you choose to is one thing. Going to bed hungry because you have no choice is another. Please don't let this happen.