I am fortunate to know both Republican Randy Frese and Democrat John Sullivan, the State Senatorial candidates in the race for the 47th District in Illinois.

If you watched the TV commercials or listened to them on the radio ripping each other it became the most “mud-slinging” campaign of them all in this area. That’s unfortunate because both of these men are no way like they appeared in those commercials. Both are consummate professionals and gentlemen to the fullest.

What most likely happened was the political parties advertising agencies got involved. Those agencies live by the theory that people only hear the bad things about people and that is just what they are going to hear in those commercials. Very little good and find something bad and exploit it. How unfortunate is that?

Both of these men have so much good in them and little did we hear about it. Again, how unfortunate is that?

There is no doubt in my mind that both started their campaigns as friendly gentlemen and the outside influence turned it into what it was, a brutal assault on each other’s character. That is NOT who they are