Ok, it is time for the "I'm as mad as Hell and I am not gonna take it anymore" yell to be heard throughout the area as we all watched our gas prices go up some 65 cents a gallon last week. How does gas go from $3.35 a gallon to $3.99 in four days? 

I keep reading how we have a huge surplus of oil in this country and no apparent threats are being made in the middle east that weren't being made weeks ago so why the spike?  Well, just look at your calendar. Gee, the official "summer" kickoff weekend, Memorial Day, is coming up so guess what happened?  Your gas prices went up as well.  What a surprise! There aren't big enough pockets for these people to stash their price gouging dollars they are getting from their gas consumers.

There was a time when gas prices changed that some stations sold theirs a few cents cheaper.  When is the last time that happened? When one goes up they all go up to the same price. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

Oh, the other thing that really bugs me is to see that we are still using the .9 at the end of the price per gallon total. It insults my intelligence to think that the gas companies actually think that when I am paying $3-99.9 that I am getting a bargain instead of it being $4 a gallon. Just drop the .9 and tell it like it is.  The way it is currently makes me "as mad as Hell, and I'm not gonna take it anymore".