It is that time of year for family fun, bull riding and pretty girls.

Yes, it is fair time in the Tri State Area. We are in the middle of many fairs that go on one after another. So if you love all things fair, you have got it made. Food, carnival rides, queen contests, lemon aide, tractor pulls and so much more. There is so much that goes in to the making of a fair every year. It takes many man hours to put a fair on. You would think the fair boards would get a rest after the fair, but nope, it is a year-long thing to get the fairs ready to go. There is so much to do to get a fair into shape and once you think it is over, it is fair time again.

So A BIG shout out goes to the men, women, girls and boys who put these fairs on for us so we can have some fun each year!