A few weeks ago I went off about the State of Illinois wanting to give illegal immigrants a driver's license, something the Illinois Senate eventually voted to allow to happen. Now comes word that many illegal immigrants don't want the license. Gee, I wonder why?  

The reason is the 250,000 undocumented residents are reluctant to reveal their picture, addresses and a birth certificate for fear they will be deported. Gee, didn't our state representatives see this coming?  The issue now goes to the Illinois House for a possible vote on January 7th and Governor Pat Quinn has already announced he will sign it if it gets to his desk.

If it becomes law Illinois would be one of three states to allow driver's licenses for illegal immigrants. The other two are Washington and New Mexico. This whole idea has nothing to do with making our roadways safer which was the way it was presented in the first place.  It has everything to do with obtaining additional Hispanic votes for the GOP in the next election, something they drastically fell short of in the November election. Hats off to former Governor Jim Edgar for at least admitting that weeks ago.

Lets see if the Illinois House has the courage to say no to this when the vote comes up next week in Springfield.