Channel 7 ran a story yesterday about yesterday being "Take Your Dog to Work Day". They interviewed my good friend Kevin Reed and others about taking their dogs to work. It is a trend that many are adopting in the business world. In conjunction with the day, Entertainment Weekly Magazine had a small story regarding this topic and what to do with dogs who are left home all day until their owners come home from work. Many owners feel bad about leaving their dogs home all day but now to the rescue comes "Dog-TV". That's right. Thanks to "Dog-TV", for a $4.99 a month premium channel charge, your four legged friend can watch TV designed to entertain them while their owners are away. According to the article, the highlights of the channel show dogs hanging around a swimming pool with other dogs and dogs napping while New Age music is playing. Before you know it, Fido just might get hooked on a soap opera and Lord knows what will happen if it gets replaced by a sporting event.