Spencer Platt, Getty Images

Cell phones are in the news again. A year ago Samsung recalled 1 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones sold in the United States, replacing or refunding the phone because their susceptibility to catching fire. Now doctors are warning people about sight problems by using them as well.

Everywhere you turn, someone is on their cell phone, either yapping at someone else, texting or tweeting a message, or watching a video. I am sure you have heard about all the warnings that have been made concerning our usage of cellphones and the effects that they may have on us in the future.

One such concern is phone waves from the cell phone may affect us in years ahead, and now comes another one. A British eye doctor is claiming that there has been a 35% jump in shortsightedness since the smartphone was introduced. He claims this is due to people holding their little screens up to their faces for hours every day.

Sounds logical to me. Let me check my smart phone and see if he could be accurate with his assumption.