As a kid, I always brought my baseball glove to the ballgames I went to watch. Like any other kid, I wanted to catch a foul ball if it was hit toward me. Well, it never happened for me in my youth. I had to catch them while playing later.

When I hung up my spikes and went to the games, I never brought a baseball glove with me. I was watching a couple of baseball games on TV this week and one guy was showing off his stitches, baseball stitches that is, on his side after being struck with a line drive into the crowd. He was glove-less.

In another situation, a guy was showing off the ball he caught to two women around him in the stands. He had a glove with him, but the announcers thought he wasn't wearing it when the ball approached him. Why bring a glove and not wear it?

Some people are pretty good a catching foul balls and home runs and some even do it glove-less and one handed at times. Check out these catches!

In any case my question is do you still bring your old baseball glove to the games?