With Spring arriving soon, so comes the severe weather season. The spring severe storm season usually brings with it tornado watches and tornado warnings. So what is the difference?
A watch means conditions are prevalent for the development of tornadoes in the watch area. A warning means that a tornado or tornadoes have been spotted or are in the process of forming in the warning area.
Emergency personnel strongly advise people to make sure that have a weather radio and be prepared to take measures to remain safe during a severe storm.
Deaths from severe storms occur primarily because people are not prepared. If you are sleeping when one strikes, you are definitely not prepared to protect yourself. All too often, people depend solely on the storm warning sirens. Those sirens are designed for people who are outdoors and that is why it is so important to have a weather radio.
Recently there has been a change in policy for those who are in a car when a tornado approaches. Obviously, you should drive away from the tornado, but if you can’t you should stay in the vehicle, buckle you seat belt and crouch down below the windows and hope for the best. The thought process is that cars are made to protect in rollovers if you have your seat belt on.
Are you ready for the severe storm season ahead?