The Quincy Post Office has made their intentions clear today in a news release sent this morning. They will NOT stay open late for you procrastinators. Ok, you have known for weeks that the deadline to file taxes is April 17th this year. Here it is one week away and many of you still haven't filed yet.  I know if you have to pay Uncle Sam you might want to hang onto your money a little longer, but if you are to be getting a refund why wait? On the other hand, the date to file your return maybe extended to the 17th this year but the Quincy Post Office today came out with an advisory saying that last minute filers will NOT find extended hours at the post office this year. So don't be heading to the post office at 11:59pm and expect to find anybody there. One thing I will miss is the habitual midnight TV news coverage from KHQA and WGEM TV from the post office of late filers dropping off their returns on April 17th.  Perhaps the news crews will be there at the normal 5:30pm closing time instead. Now if you don't get it filled by the 17th you can always file for an extension. Just don't do it after 5:30pm next Tuesday or you will be a "tardy" procrastinator.