The 20 year career of New York Yankee Shortstop, Derek Jeter, came to an end yesterday with the end of the 2014 season. Not only did the Yankees lose a shortstop, but Major League Baseball lost a great ambassador.

Whether you like Jeter or not, the guy played his entire career with the Yankees with class. In a tough city to play and live in, he was never in any kind of trouble, never got thrown out of a game, and represented the Yankees and baseball in A-plus fashion. So, who will be next to step up and be that guy? The guy that does everything right. The guy who handles all situations with class and is above the rest.

Prior to Jeter, that person was Cal Ripkin,Jr. of the Baltimore Orioles. Frankly, I am not sure there is anyone out there right now that can fill Jeter's spikes. Maybe it's Mike Trout or Albert Pujols of the Angels. Only time will tell. Just the fact that there isn't any clear cut choice is a sad testimony of the state of professional athletes these days and not just in baseball.

I am sure I am missing a few possible names, so if you can think of any let me know.