Today is Earth Day 2016. It is a day that we are to find ways to try to clean up our environment. As a result,  Delta Tire & Custom Wheels and Blessing Hospital are hosting a used tire collection for recycling in honor of Earth Day.  The collection will take place tomorrow, Saturday, April 23, from 8 am to 4 pm.

The collection is open to Quincy residents only with proof of residency.  Only car and light truck tires will be allowed. The tires can be mounted on rims. No tractor or heavy equipment tires can be accepted.

The used tire collection site will be in the gravel parking lot off of Vermont Street just east of the 10th Street.  Delta Tire & Custom Wheels hosted a tire recycling event in 2014 during which 3,000 tires were collected and packed into two, 53-foot trailers which Gully Transportation hauled to a disposal site in Missouri.  Gully Transportation will provide the trailers and transportation for the 2016 tire collection.

According to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency:

  • Illinois citizens produce more than 14 million used tires annually. That's more than one used tire per person every year.
  • These discarded tires, if improperly managed, serve as habitats for disease-carrying vectors, particularly mosquitoes.
  • Whole tires have been banned from landfills, so alternative methods of disposal are necessary.