Sub zero temperatures and snowy conditions isn't something that would lead many people to think about when the first Blues in the District will be this year, except maybe me. Anyone who knows me knows I love the blues (music that is) and they know my seat is always next to "my" rock in Washington Park on those wonderful Friday nights. 

I wonder how "my" rock is holding up through this horrible winter?  Thinking about relaxing with my favorite beverage and zoning out to the blues music is helping me get through this winter of 2013-14. I just can't wait for the first Blues in the District  event on June 13.

Although the dates are set, the artists are not yet confirmed. If you want to know the dates for this year's Blues in the District they are: June 13 and 27, July 11 and 25, August 8 and 22, and September 12. The park will be filled with people and blues music to kick off yet another wonderful year of Blues in the District.

Thanks to the sponsors and the Historic Quincy Business District. June 13 can't get here quick enough for me.