As you can see everyday you drive by 24th and Broadway, buildings are going away.

A lot of history is at that location. The old Durst building is near by, which is of course used by Prairie Farms. The building we are in, that is KICK-FM, Y101 Radio and WLIQ Radio is on that corner. Back in the day, 24th and Broadway was almost out of the city limits. You can see how much Quincy has grown.

Kurt Parsons

But what about today, as the construction workers tear down the doughnut shop? What will go into the east corner of 24th and Broadway. What do you think should go there? I have some ideas (some are less serious than others): wife would love that! How about a car wash or a mini Red Lobster or a mini Six Flags or a swimming pool, or another car lot with nothing but Corvettes, or a stage for the Dancing Man to dance on, or a batting cage, or a "Sandys" (remember that?), or a mini Western Catholic Union Building, or a lighted bridge that would go from the south to the north over Broadway, or a crop of Dogwoods, or an open area for body builders so the ladies going down Broadway could get a thrill, or a place they could hold City Council meetings when the weather is nice (some would say there would be too much hot air at that intersection if that were to happen!).

What do you think should go on the corner of 24th and Broadway?