OK, it's 100 degrees and you are going to put on your winter coat and stay outside for a while. Your neighbors would be calling the police to report a person going crazy. Well, if you were to don a winter coat in this heat wave you would feel just like a dog does and our four legged friend can't take his or her coat off. So please remember the dogs in this heat. They need several bowls of cold water each day and a cool place like you do. If you can't get your dog inside, the Quincy Kennel Club is opening the doors to their training facility as a cooling center for any domestic animals in need of a break from the heat. If you wish to bring your pet to the "cooling center" please call ahead at 653-4551 or 257-1322. The Quincy Humane Society, Paw Pals, and Quincy K-9 Connections are teaming together with the Quincy Kennel Club to keep these pets safe from heat stoke and exhaustion. There is no cost but a donation would be greatly accepted.  The Kennel Club is located at 3909 Commercial Drive off of Ellington Road in Quincy.