The roads are full of men and women dressed in orange. Do you see them?

Kevork Djanzezian

I hope you do, because it is construction season and if you see men and women dressed in the latest orange fashion statement, then slow down! That means men and women are working on the roads to fix what needs to be fixed so you can have a smooth ride to work, school or vacation.

And when you see a construction site on an Illinois road, YOU MUST SLOW DOWN. That is the law. If you don't, you could be paying a big fine. You could also pay big if you are on your phone in a construction zone.

Just use your common sense. The Illinois State police are watching very carefully as you go through the construction zones. Yes, it could make you late for work. But, If you hit a construction worker, you face a $10.000 fine and up to 14 years in prison. Think about it.