There was a place in Pike County, Illinois where you could have a beautiful night.

That place is the Clark 54 Drive-In Theater. It was just out side of Summer Hill, Illinois. Ever heard of it?. Back in the day, the Clark was the place to go on a Saturday night. Friday and Saturday nights were the place where people would take the speaker off the poll and put it on the window of your car or truck. That was your speaker so you could listen in your car. And of course, a lot of loving was going on at the Clark as well. The boys and girls would get in the back of the car for a little kiss...well, a lot of kisses.

You could also go to the projector house where the movies were ran and get a hot dog or drink, for a small price. The Clark started in 1954 and ran for many years. You can see it just off the road right now. There is talk of getting a new owner and bring back the good old days for another run at it. We shall see if it does. If so, I will be on the front row.