Quincy Mall, Kurt Parsons

My wife and I went to the Quincy Mall this past Saturday and we had a blast.

Yes, the Quincy Mall was packed, and that was great to see. From one end to the other the Mall  was wall to wall people. From young to old, people were shopping, laughing, buying and just being in the Christmas spirit. Every store front was taken. The only black eye was where the restaurant Kriegers used to be. It looked like a place for a haunted house, with black covers hiding the store front. I think the mall would  have been even busier with a big sit down eating place but all in all, it was a great time to be where the Mall was packed, the people were happy and in a good mood.

And the fountain court area was packed to see Santa along with new things  the Quincy Mall brought in for the holidays. All In all, it was a great shopping time. Thank You Quincy Mall for a great time with the family.