Spring Finally Arrives at 11:57am CDT Today
Today marks the first day of spring or the day that the Vernal Equinox occurs. After the long winter we just endured, it couldn't come soon enough. The word Vernal means “occurring in spring” and the word Equinox means “equal night”.
Anyone Want Some Free Snow?
I think everyone is thankful we didn't receive the 8 to 14 inches of forecast snow over the weekend. That might have sent many people over the edge especially with this morning's temperatures dipping to 9 or 10 below zero.
There is a 40% Chance of *%@&*)&$% Tonight?
The local weather has certainly been getting old with all this snow, sleet, ice and now slush. The last two days have been great in that the temperatures have actually warmed up to start melting some of this long lasting snow. Watching the weather has been getting pretty redundant and that's wh…
Don’t Forget to Clear Snow Off Your Sidewalk
It looks like your shovel is going to be your best friend for the next few days. Thank goodness it was a dry snow and very light in texture which makes for easier shoveling. As you already know, driving conditions are not the best despite the efforts of City, County and State plows that have been wo…
Cape Air Cancelling Flight From Quincy
With the expected weather, Cape Air and Quincy Regional Airport began notifying passengers last night that the last three flights today (Tuesday, February 4) would be preemptively cancelled, according to Jarred Hester, the Quincy Regional Airport Manager.

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