It’s Going To Be A Great Summer At The Movies
There were several great moments in the Super Bowl lat night. Patriots down 21-3 at halftime, Lady Gaga putting on an outstanding halftime show, and the Patriots winning in overtime. It is what a Super Bowl should be. But for me its all about the commercials and movie trailers and we got some great …
Please Let This Local Commercial Air During the Super Bowl
This Sunday is the Super Bowl which means one thing and one thing only to non-football fans: COMMERCIALS!!
Now while the heavy players like Budweiser, Pepsi, and whatever this year’s version of is will get the most attention, let’s not ignore our regional spot…
Things To Do Instead of Watching The Super Bowl
Not everyone will be watching the Super Bowl this weekend, personally I just watch it for the commercials and halftime entertainment. If you're not watching the game this weekend, here are a few things you could do instead.

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