Cubs Visit The White House [GALLERY]
In keeping with the tradition of championship teams visiting the White House, the 2016 World Champion Chicago Cubs visited President Obama (a fellow Chicagoan) on Monday.
Cardinals Caravans Are Cancelled. Now What!?
Curse you, Winter Storm Jupiter!
So, as you’re now well aware, the Cardinals Caravans scheduled for Friday and Saturday have been cancelled due to impending inclement weather—including tour stops in Hannibal (Friday) and Quincy (Saturday).
I know, I’m as heartbroken as you. This will be my first year …
Could Blue Devil Basketball End a Potential Teacher Strike?
With a potential teacher strike looming for the Quincy School District, plans are being formulated on both sides of issue. Picket line schedules will need to be worked out for the teachers, the school district will need to be working on post strike plans for lost days from a strike and working paren…
Cardinals Caravan Rosters Announced
The lineups for the annual St. Louis Cardinals Caravans have been posted. Quincy and Hannibal are both on the tour itinerary, but for the first time since 2005, the two cities are not part of the same Caravan.
Quincy’s Ric Hinkamper Officiating on ESPN Tonight
We are in the midst of multiple college football bowl games for the next few weeks. There will be plenty of games to watch on TV including tonight's "San Diego County CU Poinsettia Bowl" in San Diego, California where B.Y.U. will play Wyoming.  The game can be s…

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