Q.H.S. ‘New Faces’ Opens Tonight
The talents of more than 175 Quincy Senior High School students will be featured this week at the 62nd edition of the annual New Faces variety show called "Dream On". The show opens tonight thru Sunday at Quincy Senior High School Theatre.
Help Name the New QPS K-5 Schools
Quincy will soon have five new elementary schools opening, with the first one opening in the fall of 2017. With that comes new names for each of the schools, and QPS wants your input.
At What Age?
With the impending strike next week, it has left several Quincy Public School parents scrambling to find child care for their children. So what is the legal age you can leave a child at home alone in Illinois?
Could Blue Devil Basketball End a Potential Teacher Strike?
With a potential teacher strike looming for the Quincy School District, plans are being formulated on both sides of issue. Picket line schedules will need to be worked out for the teachers, the school district will need to be working on post strike plans for lost days from a strike and working paren…
QPS Sends Letter to Parents
With The Quincy Union of Federation Teachers planning to strike next week, Quincy Public Schools sends out a letter to all QPS Parents.

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