The QHS Football Hype Video is AMAZING!
To get fans all geared up for the official first game of the season, the Quincy High School Blue Devils released a video I swear reminds me of the show Friday Night Lights.
“Back to School” – Yuck!
“Back to School.” Those were three little words I hated to hear when I was a youngster. When I was a kid, I must have ridden my bicycle hundreds of miles during the summer, going from one park to another to get into a pickup baseball game.
First Ever Day of School Always Brings Tears and Hugs
You can expect tears to flow and hugs galore this week. It happens every year in August. The first ever day of school for your youngster will fill the eyes of moms and dads with tears like no other cry. Watching little Johnny or Janie get on the bus or walk into school are moments a parent will neve…
The Unwritten Rules of College
Believe it or not, we are right around the corner from starting up college classes for the fall semester. Do you know these rules that will keep you on top of things this year?

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