The Unwritten Rules of College
Believe it or not, we are right around the corner from starting up college classes for the fall semester. Do you know these rules that will keep you on top of things this year?
One Local Organization is Helping With Back To School Shopping
It's that time of year: Back to school shopping! And I know I am stressing out about it. The cost of school supplies can definitely be a struggle for many families. For this reason, I got super excited when I heard about what one local organization is doing to make the task a little easier for …
A Few Things to Consider for Incoming College Students
College is amazing. In fact, I like it so much that I will be entering the fifth year of my undergraduate degree this fall. And with four years already under my belt, here are some things to consider before you or someone you know enters the collegiate world.
5 Ways to Save Some Money When Shopping for Back To School
It's that time again: back to school shopping! I started a little this past weekend. Is it me or does every year seem like the prices on a box of crayons or a notebooks goes up? Like all moms, I would definitely love to save money when stocking my kids' bookbags as they head back to the cl…
Missed the Baldwin School Tour? Check These Pictures!
Last weekend, a group of Quincy High School graduates took a tour and one last look at their high school, Baldwin Intermediate School, before its demolition. The tour was part of last weekend’s “QHS Super '70s Bash” designed to gather as many graduate…
School Zone Rules for The Summer
While some schools in the Tri-States have already started their summer vacation, Quincy Public Schools don't officially begin their summers until Friday. With school not in session for the summer, do Quincy drivers still need to slow down in school zones?

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