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YMCA’s Turkey Run Registration Underway
Thirty-eight years ago, with only 25 runners, the very first Turkey Run was held in Quincy. In 2016, the YMCA set a new record with over 2,600 people pounding the pavement through the streets of Quincy on Thanksgiving morning!
I Celebrate a Birthday Every Day at 25th and Broadway
So I celebrated yet another birthday yesterday. Thank you for all the nice comments and congratulations. People came up to me and asked do you feel another year older? My reply is, I'm used to feeling older since I get older waiting to get through the intersection of 25th and Broadway every day…
Teal Pumpkins to Take Over Downtown Quincy
Halloween is a time for children to dress up as their favorite superheros, princesses, and cartoon characters. But for some it could be dangerous, Quincy Medical Group is making sure ALL children have a fun and safe Halloween.
Unlucky Places in Quincy
Walking under a ladder or seeing a black cat crossing the street on Friday the 13th might bring you bad luck. Whatever you may believe, the unluckiest day of the year is here.  However, have you thought about the unluckiest places to be in Quincy?

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