Happy National Pet Day!
Happy National Pet Day! A day where we as pet owners get to spoil our four-legged friends even more.
Today is National Puppy Day!
Today is National Puppy Day! Bringing a puppy home can be a wonderful thing but there are some things you need to know to properly care for a new puppy before you do.
Coyote Presence in Quincy Threatens Small Pets
I arrived at my home in the city limits of Quincy last week around 9:30 p.m. and to my surprise there stood a small German Shepherd in my driveway. A closer look made it obvious I was wrong and that it was actually a coyote. It ran off once I pulled into the driveway. Wildlife experts are warning pe…
Will Your Dog Yawn After You Do?
Isn't it funny that when you see someone yawn you almost always follow with one of your own?  Well, now according to a study by scientists at the University of Porto in Portugal, dogs can do the same.
Here’s Your Top Ten List of Dog Names for 2016
With the new year comes a new list for a variety of things including the top ten list of dog names for 2016. If your dog is named Bella or Max, it has the most popular dog name according to Here are the top ten names for Male and Female dogs for 2016.
Your Dog or Cat is Considered a ‘Senior’ at Age Seven
October is Senior Pet's Wellness Month. at .  According to Dr. Robert Reich of Animal Medical Clinics of Quincy, a cat or a dog is considered to be a senior pet at the age or 7 and with it comes the need for its owners to understand that the pet's medical needs will need to …

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