Five Movies I Would Love to See at B&B Theatres’ Retro Night
B&B Main Street Cinema 8 in Hannibal has been hosting Retro Nights on Thursdays, usually once a month, for quite a while. This is a really fun night out. They show all sorts of movies that people have fond memories of, and tickets are only $5. They just wrapped up the 'Back to the Future' trilog…
Now’s the Time to Raise the Gas Tax in Illinois
If you have lived any length of time in the Land of Lincoln you are well aware of how bad the financial situation is for the State of Illinois. The state is way behind in its payments to many school districts and agencies and has been for a long time. So how do you correct this problem? The obvious …
Meet Scarlett McMullen, Miss Hannibal 2015
The newest Miss Hannibal, Scarlett McMullen, was crowned in November. We had a chance to visit with her during Monday's St. Louis Cardinals Caravan at Hannibal-LaGrange University, where she greeted the visiting Cardinals.
Utah Leads the State List For Being the Most Philanthropic
The United States is the world’s most benevolent country of 2014, a title it shares with Myanmar, according to WalletHub. Just how generous are Americans? According to the National Philanthropic Trust, 95.4 percent of households donate to charities, with each contributing an ann…

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