Famous People From Iowa
The Hawkeye State might not be the first or second most likely state you think of when someone says "celebrity hometowns," but there are some folks from the state of Iowa that may come as a surprise.
Where Are They Now? The B-52s [Video]
I can remember very well seeing the B-52s in concert at several places around the area. The music of the B-52s was all about the party, and it still is! From the songs 'Rome' to 'Love Shack' to 'Rock Lobster,' the music just kept on coming from them, and the party never…
Crazy Headlines from Across the Tri-States
Is there anyone that is not amused by weird, funny and bizarre news? Stupid criminals, far-out inventions, local characters... for many of us, those are the stories that make the news worth reading! Here are some crazy headlines from around Illinois, Missouri and Iowa.
Which of the Tri-States Has the Rudest Drivers? has decided to rank the "rudest drivers" in America. They've taken into account all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Between Illinois, Missouri and Iowa, our area drivers are all over the map on this list. One state ranks as pretty rude, one is right dead …
What Are the Most Educated Cities in the Tri-States?
A new survey has ranked the 150 largest metropolitan areas in America from most educated to least educated. I'll be honest, in a million years I would have never guessed any of the Top 5, though I might have been able to guess the cities in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri that ranked the highest.

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