Is Illinois Holding Your Unclaimed Property? Find Out Here!
The Illinois Treasurer's office has what they call an I-Care Program where names of people are listed as owners of unclaimed property.  That property could be cash from old bank accounts, forgotten stocks, life insurance policies and other assets that are in need of return to their rightfu…
There’s No Better Time Than Now to Raise the Gas Tax
If you have lived any length of time in the Land of Lincoln you are well aware of how bad the financial situation is for the State of Illinois. The state is way behind in its payments and its infrastructure is deteriorating.  So how do you correct this problem?
Check Out These Smoking Costs Before You Light Up
Aside from the obvious heath reasons, smoking is not a good habit to start. The health issues are well documented. The financial costs of smoking have been well documented too. The economic costs of smoking total more than $320 billion a year and are rising.
Illinois Drivers Need to Check their License Stickers!
If you are an Illinois driver, when is the last time you checked your license plate sticker? Is it outdated? There is more of a likelihood that it is than in years past thanks to the budget crises in the State of Illinois. No longer are Illinois driver's getting sticker renewal notices by mail …
You Might be From Quincy If…
Quincy hosts a population of over 40,000. While it's not as big as Chicago or New York, Quincy has its own unique culture. See if any of these characteristics or habits fit you if you happen to be from the Gem City.

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